A Family Farm

Dale and Colleen started Natures Heritage with a view to growing and living a healthier lifestyle. As parents of two active boys we are faced with the challenges of healthy eating habits.

Modern day living has become a very difficult challenge for most which is why we made the leap in 2012 to become farmers. Farming has given our family the opportunity to grow closer together but most of all we are able to share our farm grown food with others.

Our farm is small, some say micro but we love it this way. It keeps our offering honest as is evident by our organic certification. Our products have grown over the years to some 30 odd offerings under various groups such as vegetables, dairy, chicken, pork, cooked meals and this next season seeds.

We farm 90% of our products with the balanced outsourced to local small farmers.

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We operate our own delivery vehicle

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Friday. 9 Regions around Gauteng

are covered.

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As a small farmer we know how hard it is to compete in a conventional environment. For this reason we have teamed up with over ten local farmers, housewifes and dads in our community to bring you organic, trusted food supply.

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