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My wonderful wife came to me and said i should start blogging. At first i thought what a compliment. I can share knowledge and have a great time writing stuff........Nope, it turns out that i need a place to release, shout out and simply tell the truth about farming. So here it is, Dale's Blog, a platform where I shout out and you respond, round one...ding..ding

The past week one of our weekly customers stopped in to collect His order. Walking down the drive way to His car He mentions to me " We are going to stop him from buying from Woolies at the rate we are adding products". This was really great to hear and very encouraging.

I mention the comment to Colleen the same evening and she says to me"I had our Edenvale reseller tell me that she has a customer that is not that impressed and she will stick with Woolies". Why on earth would she even make a comment like that?

I thought, It's a compliment that a person would see us as competing against Woolies.......and on the other hand the more products we supply the more Woolies customers come our way.

Who Knew....? Community Farm vs Retail Giant

I give my thought a further thought. I struggle to find any similarities between the two. Maybe you as the customer can give a view on this but here's what I came up with.

1. Community Farms are family farms caring for the environment and making sure our produce is organic and certified. Woolies to me is corporate, mass produced under contract for huge gains. No comparison here.

2. Community farm gates are always open for our customers to come have a peek at where there food comes from. Woolies have brands on shelves, but can you visit the farm they talk about? I don't know!

3. Community farm produce is picked a few hours before delivery. Woolies has a chain supply, not sure how long it takes them to get produce to You!

4. Hand made by family farms is how our community grows. Woolies, I don't know.

5. We are farmers who sell our produce online. Woolies is a nation wide retailer! Complete opposite.

No Comparison.....Why Compare?

I have never compared our small community farms to a Woolies or any other retail giant. So why compare us to Woolies? No answer on this one....but I do have an opinion on this.....

Community Farms Feed People Who Care about Food. Retail Giants Feed the World?

My opinion is two fold. One of people who care about food and the other about convenience. It's that simple. Most people don't care if food is organic or how it is grown. They simply want convenience. They want to stop at a shop whenever they choose and buy whatever they want. Retail Giants offer convenience at a moments notice to feed the worlds population.

Community Farms offer whatever our hands were able to farm over the long season. Community farmers wake up at two in the morning to place hot water bottles around the chickens because the power went out. Community farmers are mostly broke and farm for the love of food. Community farmers go to bed at night worried if all the animals will be safe and not stolen. Community farmers support each other, share knowledge but most off all Community Farmers Care.

As a community farmer all I ask is that you don't compare us to a retail giant but see us for who we are..... 

Real Honest Farmers Making a Difference?

Thank You to our customer that buys more from us as our product range grows and supports our community farmers. He knows who he is. I don't have any words for the woman who compared us to Woolies as I don't belong in that worldly mould.

I am after all, A Community Farmer who simply cares about real food.


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