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My wonderful wife came to me and said i should start blogging. At first i thought what a compliment. I can share knowledge and have a great time writing stuff........Nope, it turns out that i need a place to release, shout out and simply tell the truth about farming. So here it is, Dale's Blog, a platform where I shout out and you respond, round one...ding..ding

I grow a wonderful Gem Squash called Butter Gem. This gem squash was bred by Bill Kerr from Alpha Seed. It is so delicious, I refuse to grow any other gem available to me. Colleen was delivering to a well known market in Bryanston some weeks back and she receives some feedback on this gem squash. They have received a comment from a customer who said; I'm Not Buying That, It's A Hybrid!!!!

What Do We Know About Our Seeds? 

This comment about not buying because it's a hybrid stunned me. Every Gem on the market is a hybrid. Why would this person make a comment like this when all vegetables are Hybrids. Yes, all vegetables today are Hybrids......That's what I know and have researched and applied in my own farming methods. This comment made me think; What do we know about our seeds?. Not much apparently so read on to find out why.

Heirloom Seeds are Failed Hybrids which Belong in Home Gardens or Grannies Jewelry Box!

As a small community farmer, I have a few basic requirements in order to be financially viable, Yes, farmers do need to make money. These requirements are, 80% seed germination, excellent yield, good disease package and good shelf life. Believe me when I tell you that heirloom seeds do not in any way offer this to a small farmer as myself. Our company name is named Natures Heritage because we started farming heirloom vegetables. Heritage is another name for Heirloom. We were sold a romance of how wonderful and natural heirloom seeds are and the produce just tastes better. We went all out and grew most varieties heirloom had to offer from tomatoes to cucumbers and beans to marrows. We were going to change the world......................not to be.

The seed germination was very poor, the yields were light and the disease was terrible on the plants. The heirloom seed supplier proudly told me that they don't have a germination problem and that was that. Ok, so I chalked that down to lack of knowledge on my part.  We managed to harvest and send to retailers and home deliveries. This is when the it all fell apart. The tomatoes are not lasting, why do the purple beans turn green after cooking? The lettuce goes off and so it went and eventually this drove us into a zero bank balance. 

What Now!Broke and No Hope....

God has a great way of placing people in our paths at just the right time. We were at a braai one Sunday afternoon and Bill Kerr was introduced to us. It turns out Bill has farmed his entire life, writes articles for a popular weekly farmers magazine, highly respected seed breeder and simply put, a God send.

I discussed my situation with Bill and he offered to come have a look at my farm and give some advise. Bill stops by the farm and he asks why I grow heirloom? Well, I was told that hybrids are bad and was sold a heirloom romance was my reply. We continue on the farm walk and I show him how I grow seedlings and continue to how I grow in the field and so on. After the walk Bill tells me to pull out probably 80% of my crop. Why?What Have I done wrong I asked Him. Bill tells me that Heirlooms belong in home gardens not small or commercial farms. My mistake for choosing heirlooms I guessed.

What now I ask Bill at a visit to his farm. We are broke and I cant afford to buy Hybrid seed. Bill turns round, picks up a few envelopes and says try these out. He also offers to sell me produce from his farm and I can pay him what i deem fair. He has wonderful tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beans, butternut, pumpkin, sweet potato and lettuce. All bred by himself organically.

 Bill and The Hybrid Seed Turns Our Farm Around...

What a life saver and God send. Colleen starts selling the produce from Bill's farm and does a great job. Our customer compliments start flying in..........hang on, compliments, Yes, tons of compliments. I love the tomatoes! The beans are amazing! You have the best butternut and so it came rolling in. I plant the hybrid seed from Bill and what a difference, 90-100% germination, excellent yields, great disease package and the rest is history as they say, Our business started to grow and so did my relationship with Bill and my love for hybrid seed.

What a Lie, Hybrid, Heirloom, GMO, Here's the Truth!

My first discovery about Hybrid was from fake news saying how bad they are. What a Lie that turned out to be. A hybrid vegetable is created when plant breeders intentionally cross-pollinate two different varieties of a plant, aiming to produce an offspring, or hybrid, that contains the best traits of each of the parents. Cross-pollination is a natural process that occurs within members of the same plant species.

In hybridization, pollination is carefully controlled to ensure that the right plants are crossed to achieve the desired combination of characteristics, such as bigger size or better disease resistance. The process of developing a hybrid typically requires many years.

The wind, birds, bees and insects can create a hybrid. In my opinion, this is how Man discovered cross pollination and hence the hybrid seed. The hybrid seed keeps the world fed. It's a natural process that man and nature both create. Stop trashing the Hybrid Seed or you will starve....it's that simple.

Heirloom seeds are also a big Lie. How do you think the orange carrot came about. While the carrot read this is known as a bright orange root crop, the original carrots were purple and yellow. Man bred the orange carrot from these two wild carrots. That makes the orange carrot a hybrid.....case closed. The heirloom romance is just a packaged lie. Read this for the butternut origin, yet heirloom companies claim these as heirloom just to make a quick buck!

I can write a book about: "The Fake Heirloom - It's a Hybrid". Watch this space..... 

GMO-The Farmer Takes The Abuse

Jonathan Latham, who writes for Bioscience, claims that the purpose of GM Foods is not to feed the world or improve farming, but is rather about commercial gain. Latham points out that GMO’s exist in order for crop suppliers to maintain intellectual property or patent rights over seeds and plant breeding in order to drive agriculture in the direction that benefits agribusinesses. Read this..

Why then does the farmer take the blame. It's a Lie! The farmer is forced to grow these seeds as the Non-GMO varieties are all but gone. Seed companies should take the heat, not the farmer. Help  the farmer today and start demanding GMO FREE products. Demand that GMO is clearly visible on product labels and hammer emails to seed companies demanding they stop genetic modification. Email your local politician and demand to know what government is doing about The GMO Lie! It's toxic, farmers are forced to use these terrible seeds.

We have livers, kidneys etc. to help fight these toxins but that eventually stops. It's the quantity of these products that we consume that is killing us. People consume way to much meat and breads and barely one vegetable a week. I see it in our sales, meats and breads far out sell vegetables. We eat all the products that have GMO. I reckon even if we stopped GMO in it's tracks we would still have these problems. I'm a big culprit, I love meat and bread and don't eat nearly as much veg as I should. What's the GMO Lie then, well it's me the consumer who bashes the GMO but stills consumes the products. Perhaps I should stop eating so much bread and meat and start eating more vegetables. Who knows, I'm just a small farmer trying to understand this toxic money making machine called Agribusiness.

Stop? The World Needs Farmers!

Stop believing everything these seed companies and retailers tell you and ask a small farmer for some answers. Trust me, they will gladly open the farm gates to share a cup of coffee and the Truth!

This blog came about because a consumer had no idea what a hybrid is, I say to that consumer, you are welcome to visit our farm and I will gladly show you how a Hybrid seed saved our family farm and how this Hybrid is feeding the world!


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