Organic Food should only come from a farm where soil is the main ingredient.

Who We Are

Dale and Colleen started Natures Heritage as an organic farm. We started farming heirloom vegetables but quickly realised that heirloom growing is only suited to small home gardens.

We turned things around and started farming chickens, pigs, vegetables(own hand pollinated seed) and eggs. We practice organic principles and truly hope to be a small scale farm producing loads of real food for the consumer.

Our two boys are home schooled by Colleen. This has been very rewarding compared to main stream education.

In November Dale's Dad and Mom will join us to share the ever increasing demand on our farm. This will certainly allow us to focus on more product like fruit trees bearing apples, pears, oranges, naartjies etc.

Please support our small farm and spread our name Natures Heritage to everyone you know.