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Meals & Soups


Sweet Potato & Kale Soup

Sweet, earthy flavor making this soup a very healthy blend of kale and sweet potato.

Sales price: R 28,75

Chicken Soup

Tender chicken meat slow cooked in broth with mixed vegetables to create a delightful meal.

Sales price: R 34,50

Butternut Soup

Sweet, nutty tasting butternut and sweet potato blended in chicken broth to create a very flavorful meal.

Sales price: R 23,00

Vegetable Soup

Original farmers soup made from seasonal vegetables and broth to make this a great winter meal.

Sales price: R 28,75

Chicken Curry

Mild spicy flavorful curry chicken pieces topped on a bed of rice.

Sales price: R 51,75

Chicken a La King

Tender chicken in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, bell peppers and peas. Satisfying comfort food.

Sales price: R 51,75

Chicken Lasagne

Sheets of pasta layered between Chicken Bolognese and creamy cheese sauce.

Sales price: R 51,75

Chicken Bolognese

Farm minced chicken sauteed, added to fresh Bolognese sauce smothered over spaghetti.

Sales price: R 46,00

Mac n Cheese

Tubes of pasta smothered in creamy cheese sauce.

Sales price: R 46,00