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    Natures Heritage Farm is located in the Drumblade Valley where we farm organic vegetables, fruit, ethically raised chickens and pigs. 

    Dale and Colleen started the business in 2012. Over the years we have realised that the only true way to farm organic is in well taken care of soil. Gods natural wonder given to us as caretakers.

    No matter what we produce, the base ingredient is a good soil...... 

    We don't use any insecticides or herbicides. All weeds and pests are controlled by hand with repellents made from natural plants on the farm. 

    We grow certain seed varieties on our farm with the balance grown 10 km away or purchased from responsible growers.

    We only grow certain varieties which we believe to be the essentials to organic veg living. 


    On Gods Natural Earth


    Humans are caretakers of our one and only habital planet Earth.

    We firmly believe that the only way to farm any vegetable, fruit or live stock is on well taken care of soil where nature is allowed to take the lead.

    At Natures Heritage we merely assist in the natural order of things.

    All our farming starts with a well prepared soil by hand followed by a natural blanket of compost hand turned and made from our chicken, pig and horse manures. 

    We then sow or plant open pollinated seed or hand pollinated seed which we store for a year. Read our views about seed in the opposite column.

    We then carefully water and manage plants and animals throughout the season. We only use natural products to combat virus, bacteria and fungus. We also make our own insect repellent on the farm.

    Our animals are fed a large portion of veg but mainly eat grain products which we strive to have no medicines or modifications in the feed. Our manures are well composted. 

    All Year All Natural

    We have changed things up a bit since we first started.

    We now supply the below products all year round.

    Broccoli          Cauliflower

    Lettuce           Carrots  

    Beetroot         Spinach

    Kale               Cabbage

    The below products are seasonal

    Gems             Butternut

    Marrow           Tomatoes

    Peppers          Potato


    Seedlings Planted


    Seed Varieties in Stock


    Farm Staff


    Total Season Seed Used

    Retailers & Resellers

    All our offerings are available from the following stockists.

    If a retailer or resellers name is not listed below, we do not sell to them. Please note that all our products are branded with our Natures Heritage Branded sticker.



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