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From Field to Plate:
Experience the essence of farmstyle as we mill our wheat into pasta and pastries, ensuring nutrient-rich ingredients for every dish. We grow your food, cultivating trust. Our commitment to preserving the natural goodness starts from the very source.
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Freshness Preserved:
Embrace the true meaning of farm-to-table with hand-picked vegetables. Our newest additions to the table are savory delights – pies, pizza, and pasta. Our pies, filled with farm-fresh ingredients, are crafted right on our land. So are our pizzas, prepared and ready to heat and enjoy. Our pasta, a testament to our dedication, is made from whole wheat, freshly ground, and infused with the vibrant flavors of organic beetroot or spinach.
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Time-Honored Craftsmanship:
Our farmstyle approach harkens back to tradition, celebrating the simplicity and unadulterated taste of real food. With each dish, we honor the connection to the land, seasons, and sustainable living, ensuring you savor the authentic flavors of wholesome goodness.
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We deliver every Tuesday and Friday in the Gauteng region. Our new pructs will be available online in the coming months.
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Dale & Colleen
Natures Heritage, a micro farm nurtured by Dale & Colleen, embodies a decade-long commitment to sustainable farming. With a strong emphasis on soil health and ethical practices, they've cultivated a haven where free-range chickens roam and organic vegetables thrive. Originally focused on organic veggies for niche retailers, their journey expanded as customer demand grows.
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